Soup Bowl

Creamy Butternut Pear Soup

Most recipes use apple for the preferred pairing with their Butternut Squash Soup. BUT – Round here we like to mix things up and give pears a chance in the spotlight. Do you love pears? Bartlett, D’ Anjou or Red Anjou? We love them around our house. When they are […]

[Slow Cooker] Southwest Black Bean Soup

It has turned cold in West Michigan. And not just in the ‘oh it’s a cold fall day’ kind of way. In a frantic … it’s 30 degrees out and I need my winter coats and boots pronto kinda way. AH!!! I am not READY. But it is here whether […]

Vegan Tomato ‘Cream’ Soup

With low 60’s in the forecast for this week (after weeks of summer like weather!), I thought soup was a must for our dinner meal plan! And all that summer like weather I just mentioned? Well, it just kept producing those tomatoes! My plants were producing and my mother in […]

Cannellini Kale Soup

Ahh, Michigan and spring. Just when you think spring has sprung because of the nice 60s, 70s…and even an 80 degree day…it plummets back to the 40s and 50s. And rains. BRRRR. Well this soup was perfect to take the chills away, warm me up and it brought a smile […]

Savory Sweet Potato Carrot Soup

If you love butternut squash soup you will love this soup. If you love the color orange, you will love this soup. If you love something healthy and nutritious you will love this soup. If you are cold, you will love this soup. Okay, now you know the reasons you […]