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20 best of vegan instant pot

20 Best of Instant Pot Vegan Recipes

Who got an Instant Pot for Christmas? You? And I bet you now are wondering what the heck you are supposed to make in this contraption!?! Don’t dismay, we have you covered. From breakfast to sides dishes to hearty soups galore, this best of instant pot vegan recipe roundup is […]

Easy Roasted Butter Beans

ย  I love when I can sharing a happy accident that turned out recipe worthy! ย  This happy accident happened a few weeks ago, when I wanted these crispy roasted garlic chickpeas for a dinnertime bowl but all I had on hand were butter beans! An idea was born. Can […]

Bourbon Maple Glazed Green Beans

Bourbon maple glazed green beans, a fancy name for a simple dish! Actually the length of the name almost matches the list of ingredients. Your holiday dinner guests are going to love this simple dish. How do I know? Because mine did! Yes, we served this at Thanksgivingto some rave […]