The Gals Behind the Bowls

Meet Sarah

Although a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, it wasn’t until after having my son that I really started to be aware of how much junk and processed food were at the grocery store! Blessed with a husband, who is willing to try any food and my quest that over – processed, sugary food was not going to define our lifestyle we joined a local CSA and to learn more about how our food is grown and try to keep our eating as local as possible! Now in Michigan, eating fresh is a little easier than the summer than winter, so to balance that out, I began to can and freeze vegetables, fruit, salsa…

Fast forward a few years, my life is a little busier with two elementary aged kids and working full time (inbound marketer by day!), so the canning may have subsided but the focus to ‘eat clean’ has not! My mantra as always been – ‘you have to do what works for you and for your family’…so what works for me?

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Plant – Based Follower
  • Vegan Shakeology to fill the vitamin gaps
  • Superfoods
  • Red Wine Fan

Now this doesn’t always work for my family but again remember my mantra of you have to do what works for you and your family! So armed with that belief and the belief of living by example, my kids have been curious enough to try some new vegetables and they darn well know the name of them all! My husband, the saint, has embraced kale and loves veggies, but I know secretly he is glad the kids still want pasta and pizza.

Meet Rachel


Hi, I am Rachel! I recently graduated high school and am headed to college at University of NC – Greensboro.  I have ran cross country and track for my High School for 3 years, it was during this time that I really become focused on healthy eating and what food nourished my body to heal injuries. As the end of my High School career comes upon me, I look forward to studying nutrition and work towards getting my degree in clinical dietetics.

Going vegan, not only makes me feel great, I have experienced less inflammation! I love animals, so making a conscious decision not to eat animal products just comes natural to me. I love to bake and make yummy goodies for my family and myself to enjoy. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I am always looking for sweet, but healthy, recipes to make and enjoy. Besides being vegan, I try to eat a mainly gluten free diet!