Month: December 2017

Spicy Tahini Garlic Sauce

So life got busy! The holidays, right? Anyone else in that same situation? The Holidays. Only a few more days and then it will be January. And then it is just cold and gray in Michigan for months. But let’s not focus on that! Instead, Let’s Talk This Spicy Tahini […]

Healthy Oil Free Hummus

I wasn’t really planning to post this recipe. Just google ‘oil free hummus’ and you will see there are 800,000 results. WHEW. That’s a lot of hummus! But another recipe I have been working on calls for oil free hummus in the ingredients. So, I thought, I can just find […]

Bourbon Maple Glazed Green Beans

Bourbon maple glazed green beans, a fancy name for a simple dish! Actually the length of the name almost matches the list of ingredients. Your holiday dinner guests are going to love this simple dish. How do I know? Because mine did! Yes, we served this at Thanksgivingto some rave […]

Candied Eggnog Popcorn

Candied Eggnog Popcorn…do you not just love the sound of that? It’s very Christmas-y and Elf-worthy sounding. And it’s vegan. And gluten free. And dairy free. And you could just snack on a few pieces. Or a whole bowl. Growing up, we never had eggnog at the holidays. I am […]