Month: September 2017

Hot Pepper Pineapple Jelly

Some like it hot! Although I have never seen that movie (have you?), the phrase is familiar and fits this jam! If you like it hot, if you like pineapple then this Hot Pepper Pineapple Jelly is for you. Pepper jams seem to be popping up all over the place […]

Mild Fresh from the Garden Salsa

The favorite part of summer? The fresh tomatoes. Why? One word. SALSA. I am actually not sure I ever made fresh salsa until I met my husband. He loves fresh tomatoes. And cilantro. And salsa. And there is something about it fresh at this time of the year. Yes, you […]

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Popcorn

When the calendar turns to September, pumpkins magically appear! Okay, maybe not. But I did see some at the fruit stand. And apples. Fall is upon us my friends! And in West Michigan it has been in the 40-50s every morning, which really makes it feel like fall. I have […]

Smokey Black Bean Beet Burger

Burgers are hit and miss with me! Maybe I should’ve called this a fritter? Now don’t get me wrong – they are delicious! Filled with beans, veggies, fresh spices – it is a explosion for the tastebuds! But the whole bun thing, I just don’t do! I am more of […]