Month: August 2017

Apple Almond Sweet Potato Granola Bars

The situation: Snacks for hiking. The problem: I wanted something healthy and sustaining. The solution: Create a bar that has protein and hidden veggies, but also tastes good. And that is how my brainstorming went! But veggies in a granola bar? Would it work? Oh but it did. And these […]

Vegan Cornbread

As a child cornbread was always one of my favorite sides at dinner time. When I saw that making vegan cornbread was possible I quickly grabbed some cornmeal and started cooking! After making this recipe I shared some with my family (non-vegans) and they loved is and asked for more! […]

Vegan Brazilian ‘Steakhouse’ Bowl

First things first – no cows were harmed in the making of this vegan plant based bowl! So why Brazilian? Isn’t that all they eat there – meat skewers? Ha, ha. This is all vegan. All plant based all the way. It does get its rich flavor though from this […]

Creamy Orange Creamsicle Overnight Oats

A little fact about me. I am a routine person. SO routine. Like I inwardly freak out if my routine gets messed up. I say inwardly because I am not so routine that I can’t adjust – just please give me time to think about it and wrap my mind […]

Spicy Sprouted Lentil Soup

We have been having some really interesting weather patterns in West Michigan this summer. Usually, Michigan summers tend to be sunny, not that humid, cool in the morning and evening but warm during the day. This year – we have had either HOT or COLD weather. For example, it will […]

Blueberry Muffins in a Mug

All you need is one coffee mug and 5 minutes and BOOM…a delicious blueberry muffin! I was wanting to spice up my morning and skip the traditional breakfast, so I decided to create this super fast muffin recipe! This is not a false alarm, this muffin only needs 2 minutes […]

Grilled Chipotle Cauli Taco Bowl with Mango Salsa

Anyone else out there love the combo of spicy and sweet? Anyone? … Anyone? Bueller? (channeling that teacher on Ferris Bueller….ha ha ha!!!) Oops, just hit a major bunny trail and had to go watch that movie clip on YouTube. CLASSIC. So back to spicy and sweet. SO good, right?! […]

Sun Dried Tomato Zucchini Falafel

Anyone else out there have trouble saying falafel? Or spelling zucchini? Yes, this recipe is a tongue twister for me! Luckily, it is delicious or I would probably say too much work! LOL! But seriously, I misspell zucchini every time. And I always want to add an a in tomato. […]