Month: July 2017

Thai Kabobs with Basil Peanut Glaze


 Does anything say summer better than kabobs on the grill? Okay, maybe the beach or days at the pool, I will give you that! (I love that too BTW) But for grilling, kabobs are both fun, summery and delicious. (because really who makes kabobs in the winter? Not Michiganders, maybe […]

Extra Crispy Fries


  Happy fry day everyone! I guess you could call me a fry fanatic, I just love me some french fries!! I love making fries for my friends and family and am always looking for new recipes. These fries are delicious and can be added to any meal or put […]

Vegan Sugar Cookie Protein Bites


  These turned out so good! I say that with a note of pride. So please. Note that. Okay, really folks. Here is what happened. I had planned out a recipe. Naturally colored candied popcorn! And you know how I love popcorn. Oh it was going to be epic. Except. […]

Peach Crumble Breakfast Slices


  Anyone else sometimes cook with special people in mind? I made these for my husband. He is pretty easy going when it comes to food and I don’t often see too many things that he turns his nose up at…EXCEPT (there is always an except, right?!) Bananas. The man […]

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins


  A better name for these muffins would probably be "Doughnut Muffins" because they melt right in your mouth! The inspiration for this recipe came to me as I was deciding what to bring on a trip for me and my friends. My line of thought was steered towards muffins […]